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A woman giving the finger to an anti-woke school superintendent is the internet’s new hero

A woman attending an Oklahoma State Board of Education meeting yesterday was clearly not impressed by some of the things said by the state’s school superintendent, Ryan Walters.

Walters has been vocal about his war on “woke.” He repeatedly pushes against what he views as political indoctrination in schools or what most people would just view as informing kids that gay and trans people exist and it’s OK.

Walters used yesterday’s meeting to talk about indoctrination in the classroom. He highlighted “programs that have not led to the student outcomes that parents desire.” He went on to bring up the issues of a “radical, woke, activist judge.”

At this point, a member of the public sitting behind Walters throws up her hands in frustration. She’s clearly had enough of the superintendent climbing his anti-woke soapbox.

A male companion tries to calm down her silent rage.

Walters says the judge in question is allowing people to change the gender on their birth certificates.

The woman shakes her head. As Walters continues, blaming the Biden administration for encouraging this attitude toward gender expression, the woman raises her middle finger to her upper lip.

Watch below.

Of course, she may have just been scratching her lip… but the internet thought not. Most took it as a not-so-subtle silent protest.

Who is Superintendent Ryan Walters?

GOP member Ryan Walters took office in January of this year. He won his election last November with 57% of the vote.

Since assuming his role, he has consistently blasted what he believes is the woke indoctrination of Gen Alpha in the state education system.

In August, Walters re-shared a video shared by the right-wing @LibsOfTikTok. It showed a school librarian in Oklahoma promising to keep pushing a “woke agenda”. Walters said, “Woke ideology is real and I am here to stop it.”

In a tweet posted Wednesday, Walters said, “The radical, woke teacher unions care more about indoctrination than they do education. I will make sure that our students’ education is always the number one priority.”

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