LGBTQ Commissioner slams critics of airport’s new gender-neutral restrooms

Thanksgiving prompted a surge in travel across the US. Some people appear to have noticed for the first time that Kansas City airport has a new terminal. It took four years to build and cost $1.5 billion. It includes the choice of modern, gender-neutral restrooms with private stalls.

The restrooms met a mixed response when unveiled earlier this year. Many people love them. Some people, unsurprisingly, slammed it as another example of crazy wokeness.


One man who has heard enough of the criticism is the chair of the Kansas City LGBTQ Commission, Justice Horn (pictured above). He responded to a couple of tweets posted over the holiday weekend. One said the new restroom existed purely to “appease trans lunatics.”

Horn responded, “Let me correct this tweet: ‘Kansas City’s brand new airport allows anyone, of any background to use a single stall bathroom for greater privacy.’

“Just like the bathrooms at your very home AND the bathrooms on the planes, they are single stall, all gender facilities—grow up.”

In a subsequent tweet, Horn rolled his eyes hard that someone should get so upset over the issue.

Fully revamped Kansas City terminal

It should be noted this is not the only restroom in the airport – there are also gender-specific restrooms on each floor. It’s also worth noting that the stalls look like their own private rooms, with doors to the floor: something many users appreciate. Below is a sneak peak look posted in September 2022 before they opened earlier this year.

Many of X users praised the new restrooms and made their own points.

Justice Horn

The Kansas City LGBTQ Commission named Horn as its chair at the end of 2022. His appointment made him the first Generation Z Kansas citizen to chair a city of Kansas City commission. Horn went viral in January when he revealed he’d even been getting random messages of congratulations on Grindr for his new role.

The revamped Kansas City Airport terminal opened to the public in February Here’s a little video demonstrating the new restrooms.

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