Idiot Contest

Matt Gaetz is getting dragged for his special snowflake behavior

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz has officially moved to dethrone House Speaker Kevin McCarthy from the floor, and he’s done it with his usual combination of tact, sophistication, and class.

Instead of trying to address any of the (very real, daunting) issues America is having, Gaetz essentially just wants to have a dick-measuring contest with McCarthy. It’s not surprising: this is what happens when you let a man who looks like the villain in The Incredibles get within 30 feet of Congress.

This is big poopy pants behavior if ever we’ve seen it.

Then again…part of us just wants to see these messy queens go at it, much like the oil wrestling match between Nikki Stevens and Jenny Schechter in “The L Word” season 5.

If they’re going to fight, they might as well do it and decrease the surplus population (of idiots in Congress.)

Who knows…maybe all that fighting could lead to…ROMANCE?!

But probably not.

Queen Mia Farrow had to step in and say what we’re all thinking.

At this point, it would be funnier if it wasn’t so sad.

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