Uneasy A

People are dragging Nancy Mace for not understanding what “The Scarlet Letter” is about

Let’s face it: we’ve all been forced to choke down Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter” at some point or another. The tawdry tale of what happens when people have sex and then make an evil baby is among the American high school curriculum’s greatest hits, right up there with “Hatchet,” “Lord of the Flies,” and every other book about white boys in the wilderness.

So will someone explain to me how South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace still doesn’t understand what the plot is?

Mace showed up to work yesterday bearing a bright red “A” to rival Hester Prynne herself. The reason? Because she voted to oust former House Speaker McCarthy and felt ostracized for her stance. Which…has absolutely nothing to do with “The Scarlet Letter,” in which the letter “A” famously stands for adultery.

In Mace’s case, it would seem the letter A just stands for A**hole.

It’s kind of absurd that Mace saw fit to bust out the dramatics without understanding the (very famous) text she’s referencing. I mean for the love of God, hasn’t she even seen Easy A?

Apparently not. It’s giving the time a TERF put a target on her face and asked everyone to feel bad for her.

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