Students walk out of Florida school en masse to protest anti-trans policy

Yesterday in Coconut Creek, Florida, hundreds of students walked out of their high school to protest an anti-trans sports policy.

After the reassigning of Monarch High School Principal James Cecil due to investigation into what the Broward County Public Schools statement termed “improper student participation” in team sports, students took their rage outdoors to call attention to the county’s anti-trans policies.

“Although we cannot comment further, we will continue to follow state law and will take appropriate action based on the outcome of the investigation,” the Broward County Public Schools statement explained, “we are committed to providing all our students with a safe and inclusive learning environment.”

Inclusive is exactly what the school’s policy is not: as part of the massive uptick in anti-trans policies concerning school sports in the past few years, DeSantis’s Florida statute uses coded language to ban trans girls from playing sports on the correct team. Students of Monarch High, however, were not having it. After the coach of the girl’s volleyball team and Principal Cecil were removed from their posts for standing up to the transphobic ban, students marched out en masse with cries of “trans lives matter” and “bring back Cecil.”

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