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Twitter Taught This Republican Politician To Not Throw Stones In Glass Houses

Politician Lauren Boebert fixed her fingers to type a tweet that was an attempt to tell everyone that they shouldn’t bring their children to “drag bars”. Rather, they should take them to church. 

*cue queer sigh

WIth the timing of the tweet, Boebert’s more than likely referring to the influx of drag performances geared towards families. More drag queens are hosting story time in drag at public libraries, hosting performances at schools, and giving children the opportunity to dress up as well. 

A North Dallas gay bar hosted a family friendly event called “Drag Your Kids To Pride” that has unfortunately come under fire, as has the School District of Philadelphia for hosting a drag queen performance as part of the end-of-year Pride month celebration.

Boebert appears to be another critic, but who is she? Boebert is a U.S Representative of Colorado’s 3rd district. She’s a staunch supporter of gun rights and even started a restaurant called Shooters Grill, where staff are encouraged to openly carry their firearms. But what would you expect from someone living in Rifle, Colorado? You read that right. 

Aside from being the NRA’s champion, Boebert opposes green energy, sex education, abortion, and gender-affirming treatments for minors. Oh, and she’s a Trump supporter. So, there’s an overview.

And while Boebert was spewing hatred online, many were ready to put her into her place. Like this tweet did.

Boebert’s husband Jayson was arrested in 2004 for exposing himself to minors at a bowling alley. He spent four days in jail, followed by two years of probation. The politician, who was 17 at the time, was also present. 

In addition to this tweet, the internet was not letting Boebert have any peace after trying to attack the LGBTQ community.


Drag her!

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