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This teen drag artist’s prom victory proves the kids are alright

Even as lawmakers are trying to stamp out drag culture, a teenage drag artist’s victory at prom proves that the next generation will keep it alive. 

The drag artist in question, named Lexapro, is a senior in high school and a self-proclaimed “autistic drag alien.” Despite still being years away from performing in clubs, Lexapro’s already gained a sizable following with more than 18,000 followers on Instagram, and given their makeup skills and jaw-dropping looks, there’s no question why. 

In a video posted to their TikTok, Lexapro — in graphic white makeup, a black gown, and a set of sparkly horns — is announced as the winner of prom princess, and the crowd bursts into applause as they step forward to receive their title. Prom princess is evidently elected by a vote, proving that Lexapro is loved by their fellow students for everything they are, loud and proud queerness included.

“Love you all so much who voted for me,” Lexapro wrote on Instagram after their win. “This means the world and I’m so happy I can represent the LGBTQ plus community, and the autistic spectrum.” 

“I never thought I would be able to win this position, but I just want to think everyone that has supported me through this,” they continued.

Lexapro’s victory meant a lot not only to them, but to lots of the queer people who saw their win across social media.  

“I’m in tears,” wrote one commenter. “Queer joy is everything. Congratulations, beautiful.”

“My inner teen and my adult self are sobbing so hard rn,” commented another.

“This made me cry,” wrote a third. “So happy you got to experience this.”

Beyond celebrating Lexapro’s victory, their viral moment also provides a great opportunity to check out a fabulous young queer artist. TikTok and Instagram are chock-full of gag-worthy drag, and we can’t wait to see where their art will take them.

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