10 Powerful Tweets About the Importance of Voting

Tomorrow is a big day for queer rights. We all know how much is at stake: tomorrow’s election will decide whether trans kids get to have happy, hopeful childhoods or grow up in an environment of censorship and shame. It will decide whether or not the right to bodily autonomy remains protected in many states across the nation.

It also serves as a great reminder that no matter what happens after tomorrow, we have to keep fighting.

Let’s start things off with a poem:

This one’s for all the people who say Gen Z doesn’t care about politics. Take that!

Never forget Ariana DeBose’s wise, painfully true words: when you’re a queer person of color, this country is already at war with you. Let’s vote to change that.

Let’s keep our community in mind this election season:

Don’t let evil win!

Voting while trans isn’t easy: but we have to do it.

We can’t let them get away with trans genocide:

Vote, then keep fighting. It’s as simple as that:

And listen, if you can’t get excited about protecting your rights, you CAN get excited about this upcoming collab:


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