5 content creators you should follow

Admit it, you’ve spent countless hours scrolling through social media. No worries, we all do it. From X, to TikTok, to Instagram, we consume tons of content and plenty of what’s consumed is totally queer. 

Queer content creators continue to shape culture, media, and society with each post they make. If you’re looking for a new recipe, beauty tips, or a good laugh, chances are, LGBTQ+ content creators have just what you’re looking for. So here are 5 queer content creators you should follow. 

Cy Nguyen 

Cy Nguyen, known online as CyLovesFrogs, adores cooking, shopping for home decor, and well, frogs. And she passionately shares love for these things via social media. Whether you’re tagging along for her farmer’s market trips or throwing down in the kitchen cooking Vietnamese cuisine, there’s plenty to love about CyLovesFrogs. 

Keith Parris

Into makeup? Into anime? Did you know that both can come together and maximize their joint slay? If not, then it’s time you followed Keith Parris, aka The Icy Amputee Warrior. From sharing his favorite cosplay attire to showing his followers how to get that “beat” just right, The Icy Amputee Warrior shows that all of your interests can definitely join forces together. When he’s not creating content, he’s busy advocating for people with disabilities and disrupting the modeling industry. All in a day’s work.

Sam Reece

Creator of the “Sh*tty Craft Club,” Sam Reece turned making imperfect crafts into a thriving online community. Allowing herself to make “bad” crafts helped her find joy and inspired countless others to go on the same creative journey. Oh, did we mention she found her “gayest self” along the way? Seems like crafts can inspire more than just creativity.

Eric Sedeño

Did you hear? Bobs are making a comeback and Eric Sedeño is spearheading the movement. With a dazzling smile and an infectious laugh, this content creator keeps the vibes high with his hilarious content. An art director and illustrator by trade, Sedeño balances creating content to highlight his artistic talents, his podcast Gay & Afraid, and his collection of wigs effortlessly.

Angelica Ross

While Angelica Ross is leaving Hollywood, her fabulous content creation remains intact. The Pose actress not only shows off her fabulousness online, but also creates content that advocates for the LGBTQ+ community, especially for Black queer and trans folks. Balancing her growing organization TransTech Social Enterprises, her podcast N.O.W. (No Opportunity Wasted), her budding music career, and her new path into politics, Ross continues to bring content to social media that’s as diverse as her resume. 

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