A Dave Chappelle Show Was Cancelled in Minneapolis and Trans Twitter is Cackling

We in the trans community love a good comeuppance. Who doesn’t? And while one single canceled show in Minnesota maybe isn’t the comeuppance we’d hoped for in regards to King TERF Dave Chappelle, it’ll do for the moment. 

Yesterday, the entire staff of “downtown Danceteria” First Avenue in Minneapolis called out sick to protest Chappelle’s stand-up show. As a result, the show had to move venues. 

The venue even issued an apology to the community. But it’s mainly the principled workers that we have to thank for this victory.

Whether it’s a “real place” or not, Twitter is certainly toasting to this win, and Chappelle is (predictably) mad about it.

It’s a proud day for trans Twitter.

It’s especially nice to see after the comedian’s wildly transphobic special “The Closer” was nominated for an Emmy, in a giant slap in the face to the queer and trans community.

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