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A Definitive Guide to the Tenderqueer Lockheed Martin Drama

If you, like any number of transmascs, woke up yesterday to a veritable sh*tstorm of Twitter takes, it probably didn’t take you too long to put the pieces together. The tale is long, winding, and messy, so strap in, friends.

Last week, you might remember an especially silly piece of discourse surrounding a tweet by transmasc/nonbinary writer Ana Mardoll. The since-deleted tweet essentially called it “ableist” to ask people to read books, a take which was deemed instantly silly, since, you know, audiobooks exist.

Over the weekend, certain users uncovered that Mardoll— widely described as a “tenderqueer” online— works for the arms manufacturer and defense company Lockheed Martin. From there, things got…insane.

Things got even more insane when Mardoll defended himself by saying that this job (a legacy job) was the only one he could get that would pay his medical bills. Which people…were not buying for a minute.

To make matters more complicated, Anna Mardoll was the driving force behind the piling on and harassment of trans writer Isabel Fall after she published her 2020 story “I Sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter.” Fall’s intentions were taken out of context, and the result was an emergency stay in a psychiatric hospital.

The whole kerfuffle had everyone talking.

Mardoll’s defenders even started calling any criticism of Mardoll himself “ableist.” Which…yeah, no.

If you’re exhausted, I don’t blame you. Basically, the moral of the story is that the tenderer the tenderqueer, the more hypocritical they probably are.

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