Does Joe Jonas have a boyfriend?

Since the announcement of their divorce, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas seem to be handling things quite differently. Turner is surrounding herself with her famous gal pals for dinner and drinks. 

The internet is chock full of photos with Sophie spending time with Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid, but of course fans of the Game of Thrones actress have been enamored with Turner spending time with pop star Taylor Swift – especially since she’s Jonas’ ex. 

Well, while Turner has been seeking support from her besties, Jonas seems to be handling his divorce in a different way and with a different person. The internet was set ablaze when a photo of Jonas and actor Spencer Neville.

Jonas and Neville were walking side-by-side, with iced coffees, a dog, and Jonas’ handle conveniently clamped around Neville’s trap in a shot that screams couple vibes. Joe, along with his brothers, amassed a queer fanbase, while Neville played a gay love interest in the 2019 film The Obituary of Tunde Johnson, but both men are straight (until proven queer), 

Since Turner and Jonas’ divorce became social media fodder, it also turned into a PR war. The news of their split popped on social media and the internet choose sides based on the consumption of updates. 

From Turner learning about Jonas’ intention to divorce her via the media to accusations that Jonas allegedly prevented their children from leaving the United States, the PR battle, so far, has not been in Jonas’ favor. So when this photo made its way across the internet, it was seen as another PR move to get Jonas in public’s good graces. 

Still, that did not stop the internet from speculating if he was trying to have Neville grace him with some goods.  

But other folks could care less. 

Either way, the internet seems to think that Jonas is still losing the PR war.

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