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‘Drag Race’ Queens Are Ranking Each Other On TikTok, And It’s As Shady As You’d Expect

If drag queens ranking one another sounds to you like a recipe for mess — congrats! It is.

A popular new filter on TikTok lets users do a blind ranking of contestants from all 15 seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race, putting them in order without knowing which queen will pop up next. The filter first gained traction among the Drag Race fandom, with fans blindly ranking queens based on their personal favorites (including celebrity superfan Tom Daley).

Some also used the filter in out-of-the-box ways, like one user who imagined what sound each queen looked like she was making in her picture.

Of course, with the trend being all about Drag Race contestants, it wasn’t long before the queens themselves got in on the action.

Plenty of queens used the filter in unintended ways. Bob the Drag Queen seemed to be ranking the queens by their attractiveness out of drag…

…and also let the filter decide the outcome of a fantasy season of Drag Race.

Aquaria set out to keep using the filter until she, herself, popped up (or, as she puts it, she got “close enough”).

Trinity the Tuck ranked queens by who could beat her in a sewing challenge, of which Trinity has won three across her three seasons of Drag Race.


Who would beat me in a sewing challenge??? trinitythetuck rupaul rupaulsdragrace rpdr dragrace drag

♬ original sound – TrinityTheTok

And Kandy Muse, hot off her second place finish on All Stars 8, ranked the queens by who she thought could “whoop her a**” in a fight.

Meanwhile, as far as mess, look no further than everyone’s favorite pot-stirrer, Gia Gunn. Gunn, who competed on Season 6 and All Stars 4 of Drag Race, had an … interesting metric for her rankings: if the queens were trans (like Gunn is herself), how likely would they be to get clocked?

She followed it up with a word association game, giving one word for each queen that popped up on the filter. 

Gunn’s antics actually got her account banned from TikTok, but she quickly came back with a fresh account and a fresh ranking system to match. This time, she ranked the queens by glamor, a reference to her infamous tweet claiming there was “zero beauty” at RuPaul’s DragCon in 2022.

Alexis Michelle, who just competed on All Stars 8, also caught some flak for her rankings, notably the fact that she skipped over Luxx Noir London, the Season 15 queen who was subject to lots of online hate during her run on the show. 

Kornbread, Season 14’s Miss Congeniality, called Michelle out on Twitter, writing, “Be a sister my a**. Someone do this to her she’ll cry.”

Of course, amid the drama, plenty of other queens including Sasha Colby, Monét X Change, and Adore Delano used the filter for its intended purpose, throwing playful shade and celebrating their Drag Race sisters. Check them out for yourself:


#fyp “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else?” #amen #rupaulsdragrace #party

♬ Not A Soul Can Clock (MBH Is Back) – Monica Beverly Hillz

Hey Miss @akeria_davenport when you see her!!!!! Morning fun before our flight!!! @delta #firstclass #sisters #funandgames #fun #messytiktok #messy @RuPaul’s Drag Race

♬ original sound – Silky Nutmeg Ganache

Dont hate me. These were BLIND RANKINGS 😅 But my number one will always be the correct answer.

♬ Not A Soul Can Clock (MBH Is Back) – Monica Beverly Hillz

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