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Everyone on Earth is Done with Pride and Ready for the Barbie Movie

It’s the last day of Pride, and everyone I know is exhausted, mentally and emotionally drained, and ready to take to bed and ideally check into the psych ward after this especially horrifying pride season.

But there’s one bright spot on the horizon, and that’s the Barbie movie. Yes, the very same Greta Gerwig-directed Barbie movie starring twink Ryan Gosling and Malibu Margot Robbie. If you’re not excited about this movie yet, may I direct your attention to the following picture:

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Okay now that you’re obsessed, let’s talk about how everyone else is also obsessed. To the point of caring about literally nothing else. Because it’s 2022 and the world is on fire and this country hates all of us. Let’s go!

Get in losers, we’re going to the Barbie movie.

Real men go to the Barbie movie.

Gym, Tan, Barbie movie.

May the Barbie movie be with you.

Nandor’s going…are you?

Even Villanelle stans Margot Robbie:

More teen trauma for us? Yes please.

Plastic 4 Plastic

Get in the Tardis, we’re going to the future (to see the Barbie movie)

We don’t want to miss a single preview.

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