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Everyone is Making Fun of Sam Elliott for Hating Power of the Dog

Jane Campion’s Power of the Dog: love it or hate it, it’s certainly a movie that exists and that lots of people like. But those lots of people do not include stalwart actor Sam Elliott, who went on my boyfriend podcaster Marc Maron’s show “WTF with Marc Maron” recently to air his complaints with the film. Firstly, he does not like that it was shot in New Zealand. It’s a Western! Shoot it in the West, says Sam! Secondly, he’s not thrilled about the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch is “running around in chaps” without a shirt. “What’s all this gay shit?” is the gist of it.

Well, to each his own, and it’s certainly fine and possible to not like the movie without being homophobic about it. I, for one, felt there could have been even more homosexuality! But that’s just me. The best part of this whole debacle, as usual, is everyone else’s take. 


Some folks are pointing out that you definitely don’t, and never have, had to shoot a Western in the American West.

While others are simply laughing at the idea that cowboys aren’t inherently gay. They are, Sam.

You should know better than anyone, madame!

I agree…where was THIS movie?

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