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Ex on the Beach Star Arisce Wanzer Claps Back at Transphobes on Twitter

The fifth season of MTV’s Ex on The Beach features more LGBTQ+ representations than ever before, including trans model and actress Arisce Wanzer. Of course, with more visibility comes more haters. Luckily, Wanzer is always ready to clap back at transphobes.

Some viewers took issue with Wanzer’s relationship with her costar Mike Mulderrig on the show.

“Michael is dating a man that wants to be a girl,” wrote one viewer on Twitter.

Wanzer quickly quote-tweeted the post, writing, “There’s the transphobia we know and love,” complete with a crying-laughing emoji.

“All my trans girls know this too well, but it’s NEVER a pretty girl spewing out the transphobic rhetoric,” Wanzer continued in another tweet. “Shrek always the first one on to call the dolls a ‘man.’ Girl, we’re laughing at you, you could NEVER #TruthBeTold.”

Wanzer and Mulderrig were cast on Ex on the Beach as exes, but they’re clearly still friends who have each other’s backs. Mulderrig, another of this season’s queer contestants, posted a defense of Wanzer, tweeting, “Some of these kids will be like ‘you’re fat, ugly & irrelevant’ looking like this,” which Wanzer quote-tweeted, adding, “The accuracy.”

Wanzer had one more read in her arsenal. “‘Trans women aren’t women!’ Ok Shrek #TERFs,” she tweeted, along with some photos representing her idea of TERFs: ripped underwear, yellow teeth and a low credit score.

To see more of Wanzer’s quick wit (and her tumultuous relationship with Mulderrig), check out Ex on the Beach season five, in all its queer glory. Ex on the Beach airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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