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Giggle is the Latest Trans-Exclusionary Dating App and It’s Pretty Horrible

Imagine a dating app so transphobic that it uses AI to weed out any potential trans women or gender-nonconforming folks looking to join.

Well congratulations, you’ve just imagined Giggle, the latest TERF-powered mess to come out of the UK. In fact, Giggle has been around since 2020, but after a Verge article pointed out that Giggle uses AI to “determine” the assigned sex-at-birth of users, it’s been a bumpy ride for the TERF-for-TERF dating app. On Sunday, Business Insider reported on the story in-depth.

After PinkNews tried to report on the story further, Giggle founder Sall Grover posted a screenshot of the request to her Twitter account, claiming that questions surrounding the app’s exclusionary policies are proof that “misogyny is alive and f***ing well.”

It gets worse: the AI company the app uses to make sure “males” don’t join comes from the company Kairos, which is responsible for misgendering women of color among other unsavory instances of bias. 

Even more hilariously/disgustingly, Giggle’s website promises that the science used to determine who can join the app, which depends on measuring bone structure, is “Bio-Science, not pseudo-science like phrenology.” 

Hm, not sure about that, kind of sounds like phrenology to me! What’s next, an AI that measures skull bumpiness?

Anyway it’s a huge mess, and Grover is showing no signs of backing down. Because calling out transphobia? Clearly just misogyny in disguise, right?



Jokes on you, AI!

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