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Great, Graham Linehan is Picking on Dolly Parton Now?

One of the worst aspects of Elon Musk’s Twitter reign is the reinstatement of transphobe Graham Linehan’s account. The “Father Ted” writer and dedicated transmisogynist has spend the last few years messing up every opportunity for continued relevance in favor of bullying and harassing trans folks online. And now we have to deal with it on Twitter, all over again.

The real kicker is that Linehan—who, again, has been harassing trans women online for YEARS—claims that his transmisogyny is a result of his deep love and respect for women. Because TERFs, as we all know, believe that the existence of trans women somehow erases or negates their own identities as cis women. Don’t ask me to explain because the logic, it just ain’t there.

There’s just one tiny flaw in Linehan’s logic: actual champions of women don’t slut shame, surgery-shame, or bully other women, whether cis or trans. And they certainly don’t focus their energy on hating on one of the world’s most beloved and genuinely philanthropic women, the magisterial Dolly Parton.

And yet that’s just what this great “defender of women” did on Twitter.

Let’s take a moment to remember and appreciate everything Dolly Parton has done and continues to do, not just for the queer community but for the global community. An outspoken supporter of gay rights since the 90s, when it was still considered a big political risk to voice queer allyship. Her song “Coat of Many Colors” remains an enduring queer anthem, and lest we forget this woman helped fund the Moderna vaccine, in what remains one of the most selfless and responsible uses of personal wealth in American history.

She also started the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, a service that sends free books to kids across the country. Let’s be real: when you look up the word “mentsch” in the dictionary, you’ll find Dolly Parton’s picture.

Even without all this, she’s simply a delightful person and an incredible talent. It really takes a lot to try and hate Dolly Parton. It’s like trying to hate a basket of f*cking kittens! And yet Linehan went there.

Dolly hive, pull up.

If you’re not on Team Dolly, you’re beyond hope.

Someone find this man a hobby that doesn’t involve bullying women!

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