Love Island

His Grindr Date Took Him to a Private Island. Memes Ensued.

What was your most romantic Grindr date? Did he actually clean his room before you got there? Maybe he deigned to meet you in public? How about a private boat ride to an idyllic island?

Well, that’s what TikToker Rob Carlo claimed happened to him in a now viral video.

“So my Grindr date took me on his boat to this little island,” read the video’s captions. “I didn’t know what to expect.”


should i date him? 🤔 #gay

♬ Silenzio Bruno. Chiquitita by ABBA slowed – ur loved

What ensues is a private picnic in the sunset, a s’mores roast at a campfire and an outdoor mattress (to be used later that night, we assume).

The video picked up traction on Twitter, where many users chimed in with very solid advice: DON’T GET ON BOATS WITH STRANGERS.

The good news is that Carlo wasn’t quite telling the truth in his TikTok. The man in the video is actually his long-term boyfriend, and this was just a romantic date between a committed couple. No real risk of kidnapping here.

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But that didn’t stop Gay Twitter from memeing it to hell and back, with references to movies…




…and even some other seminal gay memes. Heyyyy demon twink! Ooh, and the PV gays too!

Long story short, don’t go to private islands with strange men from the Internet. But if you do, at least make it funny.

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