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Here’s Why Fans are Convinced That Taylor Swift is Queer

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift has always had her queer fans. But when the folk-core queen released her last album swatched in plaid, the gays, we got a’talkin’. And we’re still talking about it.

But “Red (Taylor’s Version)”, the new album released just today? Wow. It’s pretty gay. Gay as in “it’s about Jake Gyllenhall,” but also gay as in “wow, as a homosexual I relate to this.”

That Phoebe Bridgers track? I don’t know, y’all:

Let’s just talk about the versatility of this vers queen for a moment!

Honestly, rude that we can’t all enjoy this Taylor-themed Starbucks treat.

Let’s be real: it’s about yearning:

Taylor, if you have anything to tell us, we’re here for you, babe. 

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