Romeo and Who?

The Hilarious Tale of Fascist Romeo and Nonbinary Juliet is Setting Twitter Ablaze

Hey you: have you heard the story of the ill-conceived “Romeo and Juliet” adaptation? It goes a little something like this:

The UK’s Icarus Theater Collective decided that it wasn’t bad enough to reboot what is probably the most rebooted play in history: Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” But with a twist!

Set at the dawn of World War II, the UK production follows the action as “a Jewish girl falls for a member of Hitler Youth and the boy questions everything he was taught to believe.”

Not only that, but the character of Juliet is now nonbinary, which could have been cool if not for…you know, the Nazis.

There’s just one problem: actually, there are several. The first is that Baz Luhrmann did it better. The second is that no one on earth wants to see this mess. And finally, they forgot to cast Jewish people in the play.

Obviously, Twitter had an absolute field day with this sh*t.

Brb, resigning from the community.

Whoever came up with this parallel was…maybe not thinking clearly?

In a word: oy.

It’s like if Liesl and Rolf got their own spin-off that absolutely no one wanted to see.

Honestly, we’ve lost our theater privileges for the rest of the decade.

Seriously: it’s not like they were out of options!

Oh well.

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