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Hot dogs, lisps, and gay gasps: how the May December memes are taking over our brains

If you haven’t seen Todd Haynes’ latest masterpiece May December yet,…honey, what are you waiting for? The critics are calling it an unhinged, deranged masterpiece! Actually no they’re not, but you should see it anyone. In addition to being one of the year’s most hotly-anticipated films from a cinematic titan, it’s funny as hell. And the memes prove it.

Haynes is known for his love of the 50s melodrama—specifically those made by auteurs Nicholas Ray and Douglas Sirk—and the result is that his films, while often set in the modern era, have a campy throwback flavor to them. May December is of course no exception: surely you’ve already heard about the hot dogs.

Yes, the hot dogs: on a page of the script that’s been circulating, the now-infamous Julianne Moore hot dog meltdown scene comes to us as crisp, perfect copy. No notes!

The hot dogs aren’t the only thing people are losing their minds over: nearly everything about the film, from Julianne Moore’s Mary Kay Letourneau lisp to Natalie Portman imitating said lisp, has become the subject of a meme since the film’s release less than one week ago.

What can we say? It’s iconic already, and it’s taking over Netflix, along with trans classic She’s the Man (2006.)

We can’t get enough of our first ladies of the screen lisping…

Moms are obsessed with the film…

And we’re obsessed with Charles Melton…

Basically, if it’s May December, we’re all in. All hail Queen Julianne!

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