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The Internet Just Proposed an Insane Theory About Queen Elizabeth II’s Death and We’re Screaming

After news surfaced of Queen Elizabeth II’s illness, the Internet was quick to comment on it. And not all those comments were exactly…you know…of the “get well soon” variety. 

Some folks, of course, have managed to retain their respect for the monarch…somehow. But pretty much everybody took issue with this glowing pre-mortem by British commentator Sophie Corcoran:

If you read this and thought “…wait…what?” you’re not alone. The entire Internet also found this a baffling and hilarious statement.

Folks rightfully pointed out that while Elizabeth might be THE queen, she certainly isn’t OUR queen.

In the middle of writing this post, the Queen did in fact die at the age of 96. It happened, it’s big. But there’s a theory afloat online that the Queen will live on, possibly sooner than we think. Matt Bernstein posited this intriguing theory, and it didn’t take long for it to spread like wildfire. 

She’s simply switching forms, and honestly? We’re living.

For those not in the know, Trisha Paytas is a semi-controversial YouTuber, makeup entrepreneur, and iconic they/them responsible for gifting us with plenty of unhinged lifestyle content, and the Internet is very invested in the theory that she’s giving birth to the reincarnated queen as we speak. 

As they say, life finds a way.

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