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JK Rowling Denies That TERFs are Nazis Despite Overwhelming Nazi Support

TERF logic: it’s not built on the strongest foundations. Which is why it’s never exactly surprising to learn that celebrity TERFS like Posie Parker and JK Rowling aren’t quite clear on what side of history they’re on. In their minds, they’re fighting for the important, century-defining struggle to tweet out hate speech from their castles on the sea. In reality, well…you know. They’re TERFS.

And you know who loves TERFS? Neo-nazis. They can’t get enough of TERF ideology! Which, again, isn’t exactly surprising, because the two groups have a lot in common. Thing one: an inexplicable hatred for a group of people that’s done literally nothing to them except try and live their lives. Thing two: using bully tactics and then instantly playing the victim. And let’s not forget thing three: an offensive amount of free time and nothing better to do with it.

And even after noted TERF Posie Parker posted a literal picture of a nazi barbie doll as her Twitter cover photo, JK Rowling is caping for her.

For those unfamiliar, “are we the baddies” is a reference to the hilarious Mitchell and Webb sketch in which the two “Peep Show” comedians play nazis wondering if they are, in fact, the bad guys.

(There’s an extra layer of irony here since Robert Mitchell recently came out as a TERF. RIP to a real one.)

The thing is, you don’t get to choose whether or not you’re allied with nazis. Because if nazis think what you’re doing is all good and fine and dandy, it’s maybe time to take a look at your actions and reflect.

But no, of course they’re not going to do that. They’re TERFS! They are carrying the flaming sword of gender critical justice, and what a heavy burden it is!

At a certain point, it’s out of your hands. If nazis are your fans, you’re nazi-adjacent. I don’t make the rules!

It also doesn’t help when you keep name-dropping “Mein Kampf”…

And you know what REALLY doesn’t help? Paying the legal fees for a TERF who was banned from Facebook for anti-trans hate speech, and then turning right around and threatening trans people with legal action when they criticize you.

I mean yeah, seems fairly nazi-ish to me. But hey, what do I know. I’ve only watched Shoah five million times.

The last and best word on the subject? This immaculate tweet:

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