Everybody Hates Elon

Looks Like Even Dave Chappelle Fans Hate Elon Musk Now

What happens when you can’t just blame “woke ideology” on the fact that everyone hates you? Apparently you just go deeper into delusion.

Last night, Twitter overlord Elon Musk was booed off the stage at a Dave Chappelle show. That’s correct: even the audience of a Dave Chappelle show wasn’t here for Musk’s bullsh*t. Which says quite a lot.

Even though you have to have quite a few brain cells missing to willingly attend a Dave Chappelle show these days, the audience was of sane enough mind to know an a-hole when they saw one.

Still, Musk is blaming “woke ideology” on the response.

It’s not surprising, but it sure is hilarious.

Finally Dave Chappelle introduced real comedy into his act.

All this comes, of course, one day after Musk announced on Twitter that his pronouns were “Prosecute/Fauci”

And wouldn’t you know it, the original account posting the video of the booing was instantly removed from Twitter. Looks like both free speech AND comedy remain ILLEGAL on the bird app!

We’ll be cackling at this for the rest of the day.

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