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Chat GPT is retelling world history in RuPaul’s voice and the results are insane

I don’t know about the other gays, but personally, if RuPaul Charles was my high school teacher, I might have actually retained some knowledge from those years. That’s the conclusion many Chat GPT users are coming to after using the AI feature to retell world events using the immortal cadence of the Drag Race icon herself. And honestly, if this isn’t the perfect application of Chat GPT, I don’t know what is.

Last year we learned there was such a thing as gay brain, and that we all have it. Now, harnessing the incredible power of Gay Voice, we might actually be able to understand world history. I’m talking everything from the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand that kicked off World War I to the events of September 11th.

“The towers fell like a bad wig in a lipsync battle.” A sentence we’ll never be able to forget!

Obviously the Chat GPT version of Mother Ru pales in comparison to the real thing, but it does get the point across. Franz Ferdinand is minding his business with his boo thang Sophie, Judith Butler is spilling the T, Kennedy and Khrushchev sashay away from the brink of nuclear war, honey. It’s called history, b*tch!

Now everybody’s getting in on this.

From Lady Gaga’s career to the sinking of the Titanic, Ru is explaining the hell out of history.

But wait a minute…isn’t there a problem here? This is Chat GPT we’re talking about…

There is, in fact, such a thing as digital Blackface, and this very much falls within that sphere.

If Mama Ru really decided to teach a Drag Queen History Hour, we’d give every last penny of our meagre savings to attend. The ethics of using Chat GPT are still feeling…iffy at best.

But it’s the end of the world, and I suppose we’ll take whatever laughs we can before the planet burns to a crisp.

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