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Meta Introduces Their Inaugural Class of Creators of Tomorrow

· Updated on March 23, 2023

Social media has forever changed our world, for better or worse. For those who have honed its powers, they’re taking advantage of that change and creating content that inspires creativity, laughs, and change. Meta noticed this and are now launching their inaugural Creators of Tomorrow program to celebrate emerging talent across Meta’s platforms. 

The Creators of Tomorrow program empowers emerging talent, as they build flourishing communities, establish connections, influence culture, and push for inclusivity. The program is supporting these content creators as they tell their stories, grow their audiences, and get paid for their work. 

“Being selected as a creator of tomorrow makes my heart filled with joy,” said content creator Armiel Chandler. “I started creating content because I wanted to create a table for plus-size guys to exist in fashion. Little did I know I started a movement for people to be confident in their bodies.”

The inaugural class consists of 25 creators across five different categories: Redefining Community, #NoFilter Empowerment, Creative Excellence, On The Rise, and Future Ready.

Redefining Community highlights content creators who are championing inclusive online and IRL communities. #NoFilter Empowerment features content creators who are using their platform to combat stigma, embrace vulnerability, and nurture conversation around well-being. The Creative Excellence category consists of content creators who are using their bold creative to shape culture and establish new trends. On The Rise represents content creators who are breaking into mainstream society by turning their passions into creativity. Last, but certainly not least, Future Ready is for content creators who are utilizing technological advances to unlock new possibilities. 

The following content creators were selected to jump start the program:

Redefining Community

#NoFilter Empowerment: 

On the Rise:

Creative Excellence: 


Out of these content creators selected, a few are card carrying members of the LGBTQ community. 

“I believe I have used my platform to inspire others to stand in their truth, take risks, and be comfortable in their skin,” stated Natalie Odell. “We are honestly such a support system for each other.”

Content creators, such as Isaias Hernandez, Armiel Chandler, Nurse Blake, Mattie Westbrouck, and Natalie Odell, are using their platforms to uplift and establish community for queer and trans folk. 

“I use social media to communicate engaging, impactful climate communication through videos and infographics,” stated Isaias Hernandez. “I feel that as a Queer, POC, I am able to express my heritage through embedding my lived experiences and how that relates back to the land.”

These are the creators to watch, the future-makers of online content. They’re pioneering innovative ways to tell stories, build community, and represent the new voices of the generation shaping the future. 

Learn more about Meta’s inaugural class of Creators of Tomorrow here.

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