Why Did Mindy Kaling Like This JK Rowling Tweet?

Buckle up, my friends: this one is heartbreaking.

Showrunner Mindy Kaling—known for making literally some of the finest TV on planet Earth—liked a tweet from notorious TERF JK Rowling yesterday, and trans folks are feeling not great about it.

If you’re like me, you literally SCREAMED “say it isn’t so!” at your phone before chucking it across the room. Is nothing sacred?

It’s super disappointing when you consider how amazing shows like “Never Have I Ever” and “Sex Lives of College Girls” have been for queer representation.

We’re still hoping and praying that this was an oversight on Mindy’s part.

Although, as many users have pointed out, this isn’t the first problematic thing we’ve had to contend with in regard to Kaling.

Oy vey. It’s not looking good.

Hopefully Kaling can clarify this choice: we’ve all randomly liked stupid sh*t on our TL without looking at it too closely, so let’s hope and pray that this was the case.

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