New “Twitter Alternative” Post Makes a Shocking Announcement

· Updated on March 23, 2023

In the wake of Twitter utterly and completely sh*tting the bed, everyone is scrambling to find the new social network that will take its place. Where will we share our unhinged, horny, and unfiltered opinions now? Will it be Mastodon? Hive? Fosstodon? Something else with the “don” at the end? We don’t know. We only know that one app so far, the newly-launched Post, is off to a pretty dismal start. It didn’t take long for folks to notice something a little bit off in the Terms of Service, which list billionaires as a protected class, but not folks with disabilities.


Obviously, this isn’t a great look, and folks aren’t happy.

Then again, it’s not exactly a shock: the app’s founder, Noam Bardim, is the former CEO of Waze, the app that was always forcing me to make extremely dangerous left-hand turns into 6-lane traffic. So you know, color me unsurprised.

While most apps are services are fairly ableist, it’s less common for them to say the quiet part out loud. But I guess with Post, all bets are off.

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