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No But Seriously, Stop Acting Like Trans People Have Anything to Do With These J.K. Rowling Death Threats

Last week, “Midnight’s Children” novelist and cultural icon Salman Rushdie suffered a violent attempt on his life at a lecture in New York. The author has since been taken off a ventilator and is now able to speak, though the stabbing attack left him with severe injuries, including the possible loss of one eye.

In the wake of this violence, the right wing media has taken every opportunity to do what they do best: make the story about the liberal agenda. Although Rushdie’s attacker has since been identified and is in custody, that hasn’t stopped certain factions from reading the attack as being somehow a result of “cancel culture” and the “war” on free speech.

This point of view gained considerable steam after someone tweeted that TERF author JK Rowling was “next,” prompting Scotland Yard to investigate the proposed attack. 

Naturally, people jumped to the conclusion the trans community—which Rowling has made a certain enemy of due to her anti-trans efforts dating back years—was somehow behind the violent threats. 

There’s only problem: we’re…not. 

There’s a pretty important difference here, and folks have been quick to gloss over it:

It’s kind of incredible to see Rowling’s ego at work.

As Parker Molloy has pointed out, Rushdie’s stabbing and Rowling’s decision to make it all about her have practically no relationship. Molloy also points out that a similar shitstorm kicked up around the stage rushing incident at a Dave Chappelle show a few months ago. Trans people are spending most of our time trying to survive, we simply don’t have the time (or interest!) to plan violent attacks on other people. We’ll let Alejandro Caraballo have the mic drop moment:

Just remember: being a public citizen whose rights are constantly under attack is very different from being a “free speech advocate” who owns property. Period!


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