This Nope Character is Becoming an Unlikely Queer Icon

If you’ve seen Jordan Peele’s summer hit Nope, chances are much of the film’s memorably horrifying imagery has stayed with you. And you’re not alone: not only did the film inspire some of Halloween’s most show-stopping lewks, the mise-en-scene of Nope has become instantly iconic.

And while the film feels tinged with queerness, there’s one character who stands out in viewer’s minds as a certified queer icon.

That’s right: the people have spoken, and Jean Jacket is gay now.

Queer folks have a long history of reclaiming the “monster” in horror films. But there’s a special edge to seeing a monster who’s so wonderfully flamboyant in the third-act reveal.

She came, she served c*nt, and she died.

It’s no wonder that we’re claiming Miss Jean Jacket as our own.

What’s there to forgive? She rules.

Being a queer icon means that you can serve AND slay. Our good bitch Jean Jacket did both:

It’s no surprise that artists and creatives are already putting new spins on this iconic horror villain.

People are even reading the rainbow string of flags she swallows as a coming out gesture:


She’s one of the girls

You can’t change our minds.

And don’t even get us STARTED on Gordy.

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