Daddy Wants His Twink

Ok…why is Jon Hamm looking at Kieran Culkin that way?

This year’s Emmy awards have already given us so much. The gay green goblin, Lux Pascal absolutely knocking them dead on the red carpet, and the Succession actors getting all their flowers. Our cup runneth over, basically.

So how is it that we get to add to this bounty of riches a photo so beautiful that we’re resisting the urge to blow it up and frame it?

Hamm, sitting front row as Kieran Culkin accepts his Emmy for Lead Actor in a Drama series, looks at the “Succession” star the way I would gaze at a baked Alaska just as it’s being served: a mix of hunger, confusion, awe, and delight.

Or, as one astute commenter put it, “Daddy wants his twink.”

Basically, get someone who looks at you the way Jon Hamm looks at Kieran Culkin. Better yet, get someone who holds you like Jon Hamm holds Kieran Culkin: on the lower calf, in a death grip.

Hamm looks like he’s wanting to take a chunk out of Culkin, while Tom Hiddleston—who never asked to be part of this!—sits back and watches the scene unfold.

It’s giving Phantom Thread, 2017.

2024 goal: win an Emmy.

Honestly, we’re not sure what to make of this one. The two clearly seem like buddies, especially after putting in time together on the set of 2021’s No Sudden Move. But is there more going on? We know Kieran can definitely channel his twink side…but what about Jon?

And more importantly, where does Tom Hiddleston fit into all this?

Only time will tell.

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