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Okay…What’s Happening with Hunter Schafer and that Truscum Post?

Buckle up, because this is a weird one.

Last week on Instagram, a trans woman known as @piggytaiwan posted a very truscum-y take on nonbinary people, and naturally, the trans community was not having it. 

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Here’s a bit of a primer, in case you need it. In the trans community, “truscum”, or transmedicalism, refers to a school of thought (favored by some binary trans folks) that believes that to be “authentically” trans, medical transition is necessary. This school of thought often puts nonbinary folks and trans folks who don’t wish to medically transition in a presumed “poser” category, and posits that we’re somehow “doing it for attention.” Which is obviously dangerous for more than a few reasons. In the original post, @piggytaiwan tries to link the loss of HRT coverage in Florida, where trans rights have been consistently under attack all year, to the “enbies” fighting to define themselves as trans or gender-expansive without requiring any kind of medical intervention or diagnoses.

Which, again, quite dangerous, especially when you consider that Florida politicians themselves aren’t actually making any distinction between binary trans folks and nonbinary people. They’re just trying their level best to get us all killed.

So what’s the tea? Well, it’s that “Euphoria” star and beloved Gen Z icon Hunter Schafer left a perplexing comment on the post. It was a series of exclamation points, which some are taking as an endorsement of the poster’s truscum views. Needless to say, it’s getting heated online.

Now I know what you’re thinking: a series of exclamation points on an IG post does not an endorsement make. But it does raise a few eyebrows.

Some users are taking this moment to explain why transmedicalism is a harmful framework for trans and nonbinary folks across the board:

We’re breathlessly awaiting the notes app apology:

For more information on transmedicalism and its relationship to the anti-trans legislation going on in Florida currently, take a look at Erin Reed’s excellent in-depth thread on the subject: 

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