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The Panopticon is a Pansexual Icon Now, Deal With It

Do you ever feel like we live in a surveillance state? The answer is probably yes, because we absolutely, 1000% do. It’s no surprise that the symbol of the panopticon, an all-seeing video eye that takes everything in, has become as beloved an LGBTQ+ figure as the Babadook in this our modern age.

And by “beloved” I absolutely mean reviled.

Let’s get into this f*ckery.

It all began when an image of a CCTV camera in the UK (Manchester’s gayborhood to be precise) went viral for being…depressing.

Surveillance is…gay now?

It wasn’t long before everyone started ripping the image to shreds.

Because seriously…there’s nothing queer about a surveillance state.


Nope just kidding, there definitely isn’t. But that won’t stop us from laughing our asses off at this bleak turn of events.

Target in a nutshell.

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