Too Real

These Pride Tweets Will Have You Laughing, Crying, and Fainting

Tomorrow is the official start of Pride Month, or as I call it, Taco Bell appreciation month:

It’s a time to remember how far we’ve come in this community, and also how far corporations have come in realizing that there’s money to be made off of us:

It’s also a time to get pissed, loud, and angry!

The first pride was a riot, and this pride? Well, it’s mainly just confusing.

But we persevere!

And remember: just being gay and visible and making art means that you’re doing your part. The world needs us.

That said, if you’re like me, you’ll be spending much of the month of June in your room watching movies while your roommate/friends/randos on the street get absolutely reamed:

And that’s fine, too. Pride comes in many varieties!

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