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Resurfaced Photobooth Pics of a Young Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Have the Gays Wondering Something

The 1997 Oscars were quite a time. Billy Crystal was hosting, and to honor the achievement of two up-and-coming twinks responsible for writing and starring in of the biggest hits of the year, he wrote a special song to the tune of Cole Porter’s “Night and Day”. “Matt and Ben,” it went, “you are the ones. Your script was tight, and so were your buns.”

He was, of course, referring to Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, the then-upstarts who busted onto the scene with Good Will Hunting, a seemingly at least partly autobiographical film about a brilliant young man trying to escape his fate as part of Boston’s working class by attending Harvard. It gave us one of Robin Williams’ best dramatic performances, and more importantly, it gave us two extremely bland white boys to become obsessed with for decades.

Crystal got one thing right: those buns were tight, and the people sat up and took notice. Over 20 years have passed since that monumental Oscars moment, and while Matt and Ben are now middle-aged problematics and sad dads, we can always remember.

Which brings me to the point: today, photos of the young bffs from what seems to be a mall photobooth (circa 1990) have been circulating online, and they’re bringing back some pretty randy memories.

In case you’d forgotten, Damon and Affleck were quite close before they hit the big time,…and after. The two shared a bank account, have seen each other’s dicks (natch) and might just identify as platonic hetero-lifemates…or more…

I mean…

The people are calling it “Heartstopper: the Prequel”

Even if these dudes have never once f*cked (which I personally don’t buy, but whatever) it’s a sweet reminder that not all great love stories are romantic.

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