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Does Shay Mitchell Have Something to Tell Us?

Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell seems to have come out as bisexual in a recent TikTok video. While Mitchell has long been open about her attraction to all genders, she has also stated that she does not label her sexuality. It looks like that may have changed.

On October 5, Mitchell posted a TikTok duet with @KeepItSpooky, where @NourishedWithTish asks, “If you identify as bisexual, do you own a green velvet couch?” Mitchell films herself slowly falling backwards onto a green velvet couch. It’s not a verbal confirmation, but it’s certainly a strong indication that she identifies as bi.

@shaymitchell #duet with @keepitspooky #Stitch ♬ original sound – Kayla 🙂

While the video had some bisexual green velvet couch owners reeling from such a thorough read, others were overjoyed to welcome Mitchell into the fold.

The best part about this coming out—if it is a coming out—is that it seems to have introduced a new audience to Mitchell’s queer identity, with the video garnering over 3 million views at the time of writing. This might explain why so many of the commentators seemed surprised by the “news.” Not only has Mitchell repeatedly played queer characters—Pretty Little Liar’s Emily, You’s Peach, and Dollface’s Stella—but in 2017, she spoke openly about her attraction to women in an interview with Maxim.

“People always ask me, ‘You play a gay character? Are you gay? Are you straight? Are you this? Are you that?’” she said at the time. “Look, Emily doesn’t label herself, and I don’t label myself either. I fall in love with the spirit of somebody. Love is love, and that’s something that I’ll keep saying.”

Mitchell elaborated on this in a 2020 YouTube collab with her Pretty Little Liars co-star Ian Harding. “I truly feel like I do fall in love with a person,” she explained to Harding. “I liked the fact that I played Emily and I liked the fact that I played Peach. I’m honestly more intrigued by women than I am by men.”

After all this, does the bisexual label matter? For the many fans with whom the video resonated, the answer is yes. All in all, Mitchell’s TikTok is a win for bisexual representation, queer fans of murder mysteries, and probably green velvet couch manufacturers.

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