Wrapped For Filth

Spotify Wrapped is Reading Everyone for Filth and the Results are Hilarious

It’s that time of year again: the time when we open Spotify in the morning and are assaulted with a brutal play-by-play of our year in emotions, also known as Spotify Wrapped. And if you’re anything like me (gay, mentally ill) your wrapped is probably quite cringe and more than a little bit emotional. Whether you’ve been bopping to Renaissance every waking hour of the day, falling asleep to Midnights, or busting out Megan’s “Eat It” whenever possible, here are some absolutely brutal tweets that you need to see. You know: just to know you’re not alone.

First thing’s first: Queen Dionne Warwick is here for you.

This one’s for all the Swifties out there:

S/O to that one song…YOU know the one.

We’re all mentally ill, but some of us are looking at the stars.

Never forget that the person who brought us all this joy has never actually been paid or credited for their work:

The bottom line (emphasis on “bottom”)

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