Target’s Gay Nutcracker is Selling Faster Than Hotcakes

The first viral product of the 2021 holiday season is here and it’s….a gay nutcracker? According to a viral video posted on Tik-Tok just last week, it’s only November and Target is already stocking its shelves with the most dramatically inclusive nutcracker to ever exist. Seemingly the first of its kind, the Nutcracker is dressed head-to-toe in gay apparel, rocks bright pink hair with blue eyeshadow, and apparently, it’s selling out. 

@spawnlings Found it at target tis the season 😭☃️ @target #target #lgbt🌈 #christmastiktok #fypシ ♬ original sound – Bowser_Barbz

When describing the Nutcracker, Target’ s website reads, “Show your advocacy for LGBTQIA+ friends and family in fun, festive style with this Pride Nutcracker from Wondershop™. Showcasing a man dressed in traditional nutcracker costume holding a pride flag and wearing a rainbow hat, this decorative figurine helps you get in the rhythm for a fun and festive Christmas.” On the same page, you’ll be able to see the closest stores and whether or not the Nutcracker is in stock. If it’s sold out, you’re out of luck because this gay Nutcracker doesn’t do shipping. 

Word on Twitter is that the figurine is now nearly impossible to find. Some users have even taken to asking their followers if anyone has seen the sold-out nutcracker in their local stores. Other accounts have offered to buy the product second-hand. Obviously, the Nutcracker is a hit with the queer community; but not for the reason it was meant to be. 

Somehow, the gay Nutcracker donning a bejewled rainbow hat doesn’t offer advocacy for every single member of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s almost as if different members of the community require visual representation that is unique to their identity. Even though the Nutcracker itself is merely an extension of rainbow capitalism’s attempt to sell a conglomerate queer identity, it’s still kind of serves. 

If anything, the way the gay Nutcracker is doing too much is pretty camp. With the year 2021 carved into doll’s stand, the gay Nutcracker becomes a cursed collector’s item found few and far between. 

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