Ice Ice Baby

The gays are weighing in on the definition of a “bottom dinner” and we’re screaming

You’ve heard about girl dinner. You’ve heard about gay dinner. Now get ready for bottom dinner, the Internet’s new favorite fake thing to have opinions about.

Sort of…bottom dinner is less a real thing than a hilarious meme. It all began when a certain genius captioned a TikTok of someone making an incredibly elaborate drink out of just ice (shaved ice, grated ice, melted then refrozen ice) and water. Now the people are calling it bottom dinner to the tune of the viral TikTok sound, and it’s maybe the best thing since Postmates created their Pride-specific “bottom friendly” menu.

That’s right, we’re nearing the last days of free use Twitter, and we’re tweeting about water and bottoming. That’s what it’s come to. I’m not complaining, I am simply pointing this out for posterity.

An ice cube with your lettuce leaf, sir?

Yes, we are in a drought, and yes the ice caps are melting. It’s as good a time as any to embrace the concept of bottom dinner.


Y’all plz eat! No man is worth all this! #bottomdinner #gurldinner

♬ bottom dinner – stephen

sprinted to the bathroom right after filming this… seems like it works!! 😭

♬ bottom dinner – stephen

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