A Fridge That Turns You Gay

The Internet is Screaming Over the Tale of the Gay Mini Fridge

Have you ever been in the market for a mini fridge, but you want to make absolutely certain that it’s homosexual enough? I feel you. It’s a common struggle that we’ve surely all gone through at some point or another. It’s hard to find a mini fridge—or a couch, or a milk frother—that’s just gay enough to get along in a homo household.

Well folks, your worries are over, because someone decided to sell a Bud Light mini fridge on Facebook Marketplace and dubbed it a “gay” mini fridge. Because Bud Light is gay now, as we all know.

It’s exactly what we needed: a gay fridge to keep our gay drinks cold. Hot drinks are famously heterosexual.

We’re all the gay mini fridge right now.

We want it, we need it, we’re gay.

What’s next…a gay REGULAR SIZED fridge??

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