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This bride stopped her own wedding to stand up for gay rights

Even though a wedding day is all about the happy couple, one bride wasn’t about to let her queer people be disparaged during her ceremony.

In a viral TikTok, a bride takes the mic during her wedding to go against something said by the pastor officiating her wedding. The video, posted by a friend of the couple, is captioned, “After the pastor said marriage is only between a man and a woman.” His comment isn’t caught on camera, but the bride’s response is, and it’s glorious.

“Marriage can be between a man and a woman, but I think it can also be between same genders,” she says as the crowd breaks into applause. “I’m sorry, I had to say something. I just don’t believe — I just, every country can have their laws or whatever, but it’s your life. Live your life. And if you like the same sex, go for it. And this, I’m sorry, but this — that does not represent me, so I just need to clear that up. We’re gonna move on.”

Without missing a beat, she jumps back into celebrating her big day. “I’m gonna do the vows,” she says. “Myles…” she begins, before the video cuts off.


Love a bride who sets the record straight #loveislove

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When the video made its way to X (formerly Twitter), the bride was met with praise for showing what true allyship looks like. It’s often uncomfortable and inconvenient — but not being a bystander in the face of bigotry makes all the difference to queer folks.

For those wondering why she didn’t know what her pastor would be saying, the ceremony appears to be at a resort in the Philippines that offers officiants to guests looking to get married there. It’s likely that the bride had never heard what the pastor would be saying, hence her much appreciated soapbox moment. Here’s to a long, happy marriage!

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