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This Iconic Meme Actress Just Came Out as Bisexual

Huge queer news is afoot: the Brazilian actress Renata Sorrah just came out as bisexual.

Who is Renata Sorrah? You might know her from a 1969 film that bears what is possibly the greatest title on earth: Killed the Family and Went to the Movies. You might also know her from the Brazilian telenovela “Senhora do Destino,” where she plays the villain Nazaré Tedesco, a campy kidnapper who always gets the last laugh.

But most likely, you know her as the confused math lady in the meme of the same name.

We all know what this means: math is officially gay now.

Bisexuals everywhere are feeling seen.

Some folks are even noting that meme itself perfectly encapsulates the feeling of realizing you’re bisexual: confusion, horniness, and more confusion.

It’s a win for the culture, quite frankly.

She’s extremely Mother for this.

We couldn’t be prouder.

It’s all becoming clear.

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