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This stereotype about gays on vacation couldn’t be more wrong

What happens when a group of gay guys go on vacation together? Get your mind out of the gutter: the answer is hang out and have fun like any group of friends. But that doesn’t stop some folks on the internet from perpetuating stereotypes, including one viral post that seems to think the gays are incapable of being friends without benefits.

“I hate to think it but when I see a group of gays rent a cabin together, I’m assuming they are all having sex in that cabin,” wrote one user on X, formerly Twitter. “Is this wrong for me to think?”

The internet was quick to answer with a resounding rebuttal. No, gays aren’t spending their vacations hooking up with their entire friend groups — we’re more than capable of keeping things purely platonic, thank you.

Instead, gays gave examples of how they really spend their time when they rent out cabins with their friend groups.

Often, it’s easiest to provide a visual aid. This iconic scene of a game of Heads Up! from Fire Island, for example, feels ripped right from a gay hangout:

As does this dance scene from the infamous beach house episode of Girls:

Other favorite gay pastimes include celebrating our divas. That might mean binge-watching music videos, revisiting old awards shows, or streaming all-time bops (maybe while wearing a Party City wig and jumping on the furniture).

And of course, the gays can throw down over a board game. If you’ve never flipped a Catan board in frustration, you’re not doing vacation right.

One group even shared a video from their homemade version of The Traitors, an iconic entry in the reality TV canon.

Long story short, gays rent out cabins for the same reasons straight folks do: to have good times with their best friends, not just for sex parties — though if you’re into that, no shame either way.

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