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TonyTalks and Hornitos Tequila Want to Ensure That Your White Elephants Gifts Make the Season Bright

· Updated on March 23, 2023

Have you ever received a white elephant gift that you just wanted to refuse? Well, comedian TonyTalks a.k.a. Antonio Baldwin knows a thing or two about it.

“The oddest gift I’ve ever received during the holidays was…a goldfish,” said TonyTalks. “At the time, I’d never owned a pet, so the excitement of unwrapping my gift ended with me in panic mode! I hope no one would bring a goldfish to a white elephant swap, though!”

We hope not either. And while a goldfish is odd, it’s definitely not as bad as the white elephant gifts in TonyTalks’ latest skit. 


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Thankfully, he’s teamed up with Hornitos Tequila to prevent others from going through the same troubles this holiday season.

Beginning Dec. 26 through Dec. 30, Hornitos Tequila is helping spread some holiday cheer by encouraging holiday partygoers, those 21+, to visit the virtual Hornitos Green Elephant Shop and submit photos of their less than stellar white elephant gifts for a chance to receive e-gift card. 

Fans can upload an image of their lackluster present to earn a $25 e-gift card, so they can get into the holiday spirit. Or rather, buy some holiday spirits. 

“My favorite holiday tradition is putting up the tree! I love turning on old holiday music and adding Hornitos Tequila to a glass of hot chocolate, my go-to beverage this season,” said TonyTalks. “It makes the whole process so festive and adds a little spirit to the season – pun intended.”

And TonyTalks is ready to assist along the way as an honorary virtual “shopkeeper”.

“I’m a Hornitos fan, and once I heard about this fun campaign, it was a no-brainer on my end,” said TonyTalks. “I’ve received plenty of odd/kind of funny gifts in my time (never dirty socks level), which is why I could really relate, because who wouldn’t want the opportunity to swap out a crappy gift for some cash! This campaign is super punchy too, so I knew this partnership would be a great way to incorporate the sassy, relatable characters my followers know and love.

For years now, TonyTalks has been using his brand of comedy to create vivacious and hilarious characters. He’s been blessing Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube with comedic skits that are sure to have you rolling on the floor laughing while during the holidays and into the new year.

And while many LGBTQ+ folks will find new traditions and hopefully new white elephant gifts, TonyTalks will be taking care of his own queer traditions. 

“I’m not sure what the queerest way is because I’m sure someone can top me, but some years I find myself putting up my tree with a wig on while blasting RuPaul’s holiday album,” said TonyTalks. “That was a secret until now.”

What isn’t a secret are his new goals for the new year, after all of the winter festivities have transpired. 

“My goals in the new year are similar to those from last year: to continue to find little Black queer comedians like myself and give them hope and inspiration to continue shaking up the world. I also plan on creating bigger productions and taking TonyTalks from your small screen to the big screen!”

You can learn more about Hornitos Tequila and their Hornitos Green Elephant Shop here.

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