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Trans People are Clapping Back at This Detransitioner and the Result is Life-Giving

Detransitioners: according to gender-critical feminists they’re everywhere!

The only problem is: they’re not. They just get an unusual amount of screentime in the mainstream press, due to the compulsive “both sides”-ing when it comes to bigger outlets covering trans stories.

This isn’t to say that detransitioners—folks who once identified as trans, but no longer feel that label applies—don’t exist. They absolutely do, and their stories are complex and varied.

You know what’s not complex? When folks who identify as detransitioners use their own experience to bolster right-wing claims that transition leads to “irreversible damage” when it’s simply not the case.

Over the weekend, a detransitioner named KC Miller took to Twitter to talk about his regrets about taking testosterone. The regrets in question? Male pattern baldness.

Going on HRT is different for everyone, and sure, sometimes the results aren’t exactly what you hoped or expected. But is that a reason for medical professionals to double-down on gatekeeping? Absolutely not.

There’s a definite pick-me vibe surrounding folks who feel let down or disappointed by the process of transition.

It’s even more complicated when you consider that Miller—while advocating for stricter medical gatekeeping for trans teens—isn’t actually detransitioning himself.

It’s also just untrue that the effects of HRT are irreversible.

What a tangled web we weave.

Especially considering that the very thing pick me detransitioners rail against–unwanted changes to the body, gender dysphoria–is what trans folks have to go through when they ARE gatekept from care.

If you need us, we’ll be on Big Titty Island, fending off the MILFs.

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