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Twitter Reacts with Sorrow and Thirst to Wonho Joining the Military

Wonho, formerly a member of the group Monsta X, and currently a solo artist, has announced that he’ll enlist in the South Korean military on December 5th. The impeccable thirst trap connoisseur —a sexy pic sommelier, if you will— is scheduled to return to civilian-slash-celebrity life in 2024, two whole years from now. This is truly devastating news; A loss at a time when the world needs him most. We are reporting live from the frontlines of this tragedy as Twitter reacts accordingly.

Enlisting in the South Korean army is a highly valued duty for its citizens as the country is technically at war with North Korea. Male performers going away to serve is something built into the Korean idol machine —though with the cultural and economic impact of superstars BTS ageing into ‘you’ll go to jail if you don’t enlist immediately’ territory, there have been many recent discussions of whether it’s necessary for everyone in the nation’s flourishing entertainment industry to take part. In 2020, the South Korean National Assembly created a two-year extension which some male idols could qualify for. The so-called “BTS law” allows certain performers to postpone clocking in for their required service from before they turn 28, to before they turn 30. Fresh off a European tour and a new single release, Wonho’s time (He’s already 31 in the Korean age system) is up.

After participating in the general basic training, Korean idols are often assigned to the military band, government desk jobs, or lowkey public service positions. This is the case for Wonho, whose label announced he’d be a “public service worker”, meaning he’ll likely spend his military service period as a social worker. Whether or not he’ll be allowed to use social media, or permitted to take photos, is unclear and unlikely. While the concept of a celebrity disappearing to serve their country for about two years is familiar to fans of Korean media, it doesn’t make it any easier to lose someone who enriches your life, screens, and IG feed with their incredible body for such an extended time.

It’s heartbreaking to witness these people realising they will have to somehow continue to live in a world without thirst trap updates from this delicious talented man and his (very important) thighs. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them all. 

It’s the booty shorts for me. 

Of course, one of the stages of grief is bargaining…

These helpful people have raised a very valid point: that Wonho has BEEN serving for years!

Many believe that the media savvy, forward-thinking South Korean government will put Wonho’s experience of thirst trapping to good use. 

A recent Wonho interview with InStyle conveys everything we’ll miss about him: “He has an off-stage boyfriend aesthetic but is also an easy-to-worship glam god on-stage. Sexy and cute. A Disney face with a Marvel body.” The article goes on to ask: “But who needs superhero movies anyways when you have the adrenaline rush of Wonho’s duality?” Well, InStyle, unless they’ll let him keep posting during his enlistment… apparently we do!

In his official announcement letter to his fans, Wonho writes: “I’ll prepare lots of things so that WENEE [the name for his fandom] won’t get bored, and I hope WENEE will spend that time happily, freely catching up on the things that you haven’t been able to do up until now while waiting for the day that we’ll meet again! WENEE, will you wait just a little while for me?”

We’ll be here when you get back, Wonho. In the profound, inspirational words of Twitter user tiredswords69: Keep thotting it up in the military, king. 

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