Watch 11 of our favorite celebs endure the spiciest wings on ‘Hot Ones’

· Updated on May 15, 2024

The Bardi Gang is in for a treat when rap superstar Cardi B makes her way onto Hot Ones.  

Cardi B is heading to Hot Ones, the interview series with “hot questions and even hotter wings.”  Hot Ones first came out on YouTube in 2015, created by food culture magazine and YouTube channel First We Feast, with host Sean Evans giving us in-depth interviews with celebrities and a slew of hot sauces we’re tempted to taste. 

In each interview, Evans asks a slew of heavily researched questions to the celebrity guest over hot wings, but there’s a catch. With each question comes a new wing that’s even spicier than the previous one, with the last wing dipped in more sauce and called “The Last Dab.” Imagine answering an intense question about work while furiously sweating over hot wings? 

Well, thankfully, we don’t have to imagine it (or endure it). Instead, we can sit at the comfort of our homes and watch celebrities lose their taste buds – and many have. 

While Cardi B is the next celeb on the Hot Ones menu, here’s a look at some of our “queerly” beloved celebrities who have fought through some of the spiciest hot wings. 

Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega showed up to the studio to talk about Wednesday and the Scream franchise. The Gen Z “scream queen” had no problem taking down the increasingly hot wings. She even went as far as asking if she needed to be “emotional support” for Evans. 

Lance Bass (with NSYNC)

Lance Bass joined his fellow NSYNC boy band members, Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez, and Joey Fatone, to talk about their latest single “Better Place” and to wish that they were in a better one,after eating a collection of hot wings. Timberlake and Fatone were on their second Hot Ones appearance, but it didn’t mean that things were going to get any easier the second time around. 


Brazilian superstar Anitta came to take on the Hot Ones challenge and left wondering why she did it in the first place. The “Girl From Rio” was there to promote her latest single “Funk Rave” and to prove that she could handle the spiciest hot wings ever.  Watch to see if she didn’t disappoint.

Viola Davis

Oscar winner Viola Davis has no issue slaying every film and tv project she’s in. She also has no problem destroying the hottest hot wings out there. Not to mention, she gave us a new meme on sucking things “off the bone” and a masterclass on auditioning and creating characters. Iconic!

Tessa Thompson

Marvel Cinematic Universe star Tessa Thompson came onto the show to promote Thor: Love and Thunder and to wonder if she made the right decision to eat a bunch of hot wings. Doubts aside, Thompson, just like her MCU character Valkyrie, didn’t back away from a fight and found inspiration from her fellow MCU star, Elizabeth Olsen, whose Hot Ones interview is her favorite. 

Megan Thee Stallion

“Hot Girl Coach” Megan Thee Stallion wanted to prove that she’s hotter than any hot wing out there. And she didn’t disappoint, but it doesn’t mean that this was an easy challenge. Even though Megan has her own hot sauce, the “Hottie Sauce” at Popeye’s (of which she’s a franchise owner), Hot Ones was definitely a spicy experience for the “Bongos” rapper. 

Amandla Stenberg & Ben Platt

While promoting their film Dear Evan Hansen, Amandla Stenberg and Ben Platt appeared on the Hot Ones spin-off, Truth or Dab. The spin-off featured a set of awkward questions that Stenberg and Platt had to answer truthfully or eat a hot wing covered in the show’s hottest hot sauce called “The Last Dab.” You’ll have to see which juicy questions they answered and how many wings they ate. 

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo hit mainstream success with her hit debut album Sour, but everything about her experience on Hot Ones was spicy. Rodrigo professed that she isn’t the best with spicy food, but doing a Hot Ones interview with that in mind isn’t a “bad idea, right?” Watch and decide for yourself.

Keke Palmer

So “Millennial Diva” Keke Palmer has graced the Hot Ones studio twice, but it was her second time on the show that spawned the fabulous “this one has a little sweetness to it” meme. Palmer did not disappoint on either appearance, with her second attempt having her rep for the plant-based folks as she dived into plant-based hot wings and discuss how she always “keeps a check.”

Aubrey Plaza

Actress, comedian, and producer Aubrey Plaza could read a phonebook (do we still have those?) and make it funny. While there to promote the film reboot of Child’s Play, she tackled some of the spiciest hot wings out there. Definitely one of the most hilarious interviews on the show. 

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