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Why are people fighting about sexual consent between fictional characters?

Fellas…is it rapey to have your fictional characters f*ck each other? The answer is a resounding “yes” according to a small subset of the Internet.

An X user known as Dr. Frizzle posted a screenshot last night of a passionate dialogue between two anonymous users. The subject of this discourse? “Is sex positivity good.”

Now that might seem like a fairly straightforward and uncontroversial take: sex on the page can be exciting, liberating, and fun! What’s the problem?

Well, according to one user, the issue is that fictional characters, being fictional, cannot consent. Your faves? Canceled. Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist didn’t consent to that sex scene!

It wasn’t long before folks were having a field day with this take.

Authors: creators of stories, or evil puppetmasters forcing their characters to do hideous sexual deeds for their own amusement? The jury is out.

However, as some users have already pointed out, this is far from a new argument.

Fiction is canceled, guys.

This is what we call a classic “touch grass” moment.

The loophole? Autobiography.

Another day of solving problems that didn’t need to be solved on the Internet!

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