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Wizards of Waverly Place’s OnlyFans star has thoughts on the reboot

Wizards of Waverly Place might be headed back to the small screen, but one of its biggest (in more ways than one) stars will likely have his hands full. Dan Benson, who starred as Zeke and now runs a hugely popular OnlyFans account, offered his own stunned take on the news of a reboot.

According to Deadline, Disney has ordered a pilot for a sequel to the hit sitcom about a sibling group of wizards-in-training in New York City. Both Selena Gomez and David Henrie will reprise their roles (in addition to executive producing). As for Benson, the likelihood that the teen-star-turned-adult-performer will get a call from Disney is slim.


I can’t believe they actually are bringing back #wizardsofwaverlyplace this is super exciting!! But also… whoopsi!! 😅 #danbenson #disneychannel #zeke

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“Today, they just announced that they’re bringing back Wizards of Waverly Place, in a sequel,” Benson said in a recent TikTok video, apparently finding out the news with the rest of us. “I mean, one, yo that’s hype, but oh boy, what have I done?

“I waited like 13 years, just waiting around. Now, OK here we go, let’s fire it up as soon as Dan becomes a porn star, let’s reboot Wizards again. You guys suck!”

But Benson wasn’t nearly as outraged as he sounded. “I’m just kidding,” he said and speculated on how Disney will handle his absence.

“What do you think they do with Zeke’s character?” he asked. “Do they just act like he doesn’t exist? Do they recast him? Oh my god, is there going to be someone else playing [him]?”

However it all turns out, Benson seems to be doing just fine outside of Disney. In a video posted during the writer’s strike, he explained, “I make next to nothing from residuals. I look back fondly on my time as an actor, but I could not make a living to save my life. So, if you’re wondering why I got into adult entertainment, I basically couldn’t afford medicated food for my dog.”
Nowadays, Benson is Pornhub Gay’s 10th most searched-for performer. On the financial side of things, he’s got no complaints. “It’s so much money that I’m scared to give an accurate answer,” he said. “I think I’m the luckiest person on Earth.”

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